Protein Preparations

The most of the prepared protein are produced and obtained from of milk, egg, cathetro of bovine, the soybeans, and eventually wheat. These sources constitute the raw material from of the which ones are obtained prepared with high proportions of proteins, whose quality canof vary depending on the processing used during its etheboration (Etzel, 2004, Hoffman & Falvo, 2004).

Proteins of whey or whey fraction.

The milk contains close of 6.25% of proteins with high value nutritional biological between theI know ofstacan the to Thectalbumin (ATHE); b Thectoglobulin (BLG); Immunoglobulin, Serum albumin of bovine, Caseins: K-casein, b-casein, to-casein, the thectoferrin and thectoperoxidase (Etzel, 2004). Thes proteins contained in the milk are distributed in two largeofs fractions or components:

1) Dairy whey or whey

2) The casein.

Whey is a translucent liquid that remains afterwards ofl processing, when the milk is clotthegives and moves thecurd during the manufacturing of the cheeses. Thes proteins contained in whey are extracted by means of different procedures that allow manufacturing the protein-rich concentrates.

Thes proteins of whey, are rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These proteins represent between 20% and 25% ofl total of thes proteins of the milk, the rest being found in the fraction of casein (Etzel, 2004). Thes proteins of whey, although they are rich in Cysteine, (donor amino acid of sulfur, precursor of the synthesis of glutathione) and branched chain amino acids, lack of fenithethenina, glutamine, arginine, and taurine, which are very important amino acids for the ofdevelopment of re functionsthementioned with the neural activity, synthesis of substrates and muscle proteinsthebeef. OfDue to this, it is recommended that the concentrates of proteins of whey are fortified with fenithethenina, peptides of glutamine, arginine and taurine (Etzel, 2004, Hoffman & Falvo, 2004).

The different prepared protein andtheborados ofyesof whey canofn present yourself in form of dust of proteins, concentrated proteins and ais proteinstheyou give.

1. Powder of proteins of whey: They're in the food industry, as an additive or in dairy products, pastries, etc. The powder of proteins of whey show up of different ways: as sweet of whey using as aofI pray for thes ensatheyou give, ofsmineralized as thes used in the additives of thes meals of the children and other reduced forms that are used in various products tooffurther of the supplements ofporticos.

2. Concentrates of proteins of whey: Your etheboration implies the elimination of thes ashes, the Most of the thectose of the milk, water and some minerals. Of In any case, these concentrates have a greater amount of biologically active products regarding of thes ais proteinsthedas (Hoffman & Falvo, 2004).

3. AI proteinstheyou give of whey: Are thes what greater concentration of proteins provide (~90% or more), since its etheboration there is a significant elimination of the fat and of the thecontained ctose ofOur ofl whey. However, depending on the process used for its etheboration of some proteins canofn be ofsnaturalized and reduce their capacity of absorption in the intestine (Hoffman & Falvo, 2004). Etzel (2004)(Etzel, 2004), indicates that the methodology moreofbatch to obtain a protein preparation of high quality is the chromatography using ion exchange for aisther thes proteins and separatingthes in between of the selective avoidance.

The tabthe 1, sample thes proportions of proteins found in the different prepared andtheerased from ofl whey or whey.

tabthe 1, Proportions of proteins present in thes different shapes of prepared protein andtheerased from of thes proteins of whey






11 to 14.5%

25 to 89%

> 90%


63 to 75%

10 to 55%


Fats of the milk

1 to 1.5%

2 to 10%


Bibliographic references:

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