It is a pleasure to welcome you to the section of Sport Nutrition on the new G-SE site (version 4).

In this section we will mainly develop very diverse topics related to the nutrition of athletes, as well as issues related to people who carry out physical activity in the context of fitness, where adequate nutrition is a fundamental pillar for achieving an optimal state of health. health.

Some topics covered in this section will also be closely related to other sections, such as Supplementation
and Sports Hydration. Even, with a broader vision, we could relate the topics discussed here with almost all sections of the site, since not only is the relationship evident with the sections of the different sports and physical abilities (especially strength and resistance), but with others from the group of applied sciences (exercise physiology and anthropometry), special populations and health and fitness.

We hope that all the resources that the section has are to your liking, and we invite you to actively participate in each of them to exchange knowledge, opinions and experiences in the field of Sports Nutrition, always maintaining cordiality and respect in treatment.

A cordial greeting to all!

Lic. Adrián Barale

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